[mls_h4]Welcome note[/mls_h4]


 It is hard to believe, but here we are starting another year in the life of Taughmonagh Primary School. I would like to welcome the many new children who are joining us this year and I hope they will be as happy as all our other pupils.


Thanks to all of you for making sure that your children are so well turned out and wearing the school uniform.  The children all look very smart – let’s keep it up.  Don’t forget that the children need a PE Kit this year. Uniform is still available from Mrs Wright.


Children are expected to be in school by 9am.  However, parents are reminded that school cannot accept any supervisory responsibility before 8.55am.

All P3-P7 children are to ‘line up’ in the main playground at 8.55 am.

If a child arrives after 9.05 am they MUST go through the main school door via Mrs Wright in the office.

Parents are not to walk their child down to the classrooms once school has started as it causes unnecessary disturbance to the lesson which will have already started.

School finishes as normal at 2pm (P1-P3) and / 3pm (P4-P7) Monday – Thursday with everyone finishing at 2pm on a Friday.


A school dinner costs £2.55 (£12.75 weekly).  Dinner money is collected on a MONDAY ONLY.  Parents should send the CORRECT MONEY in an envelope.

 Anyone entitled to free school meals must renew their application every year.  Please ensure you have completed and returned the necessary forms to the education authority.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone entitled to FSM to apply – even if they know their child will not be taking school dinners. This is because our level of school funding is related to the number of FSM we have. So the more on the list the more money we have to run the school!


Snack money remains at £2 per week. As an incentive if you send in £10 then instead of getting 5 weeks break you will get 6! We are also happy to accept larger amounts – £20 etc. in advance.

Last year we still had a number of parents who failed to send in break money. This year no child will be allowed to fall into more than 3 weeks of arrears (£6).  If this happens break will no longer be provided for the child and parents will be required to send in a break if they wish their child to have a mid morning snack. This break however MUST comply with our healthy eating policy.

Please note that break money also subsidises parties and trips for the children and as a result repeated failure to send in the money will put your child’s place at these events in jeopardy.


All of these clubs start again next week 10th September – registration forms for any new children are available from Mrs Wright.

Please note – Breakfast club starts at 8.15am.


J. Douds

September 2018