The Entrepreneurial P7’s!

Date: May 28, 2014 Author: Siobhan Categories: Previous Years

Busy in P7

Last term our class were very busy writing stories, character studies, learning about the Titanic and figuring out how to do long multiplication, division, solve problems, calculate area, perimeter and angles.

Once we had learnt about the Titanic we moved on to our new topic, ‘The Victorians’.

We raised money for our end of year trip to Belle Isle Castle – murder mystery and a night in the castle! Some of the main things we did were: Sub School Butties where we made baguettes for the staff, an abseil that our parents and some teachers took part in and a bake sale – our class made buns and sold them on Friday to the other classes.

Then, for four weeks we did a Smart Energy Project.  An engineer called Aaron came in and taught us about all the different types of engineers. He also helped us to make a solar panel, a wind turbine and a solar powered fan. Then when the four weeks were up, we got to go to Queens University to take part in a thing called the big bang.  We had to display our work.

On our last couple of trips to Malone we made bird boxes. We all made our own box and chose our own colour to stain the top of the box.

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