Janet Douds- Principal & Senior Management Team

“Mrs Douds makes wise decisions” – Harry


Elaine Higginson – Teacher

“Mrs Higginson is my friend and really fun” – Harley

Rebekah Doggart – Teacher

“I love Mrs Doggart. She is always gentle and kind” – Florence

Charlene Traynor – Classroom Assistant

“Miss Traynor is so lovely. She makes you feel better when you are sad” – Willow

Chloe Jackson – Classroom Assistant

“I love Miss Jackson. She is the best teacher in the world!” – Grace

Judith Campbell – Classroom Assistant

“Miss Campbell reads lovely stories to us” – David

Primary 1

Heather Bradford – Teacher, Pastoral Care and Senior Management Team

“Mrs Bradford wears a red jumper. She has white hair. She goes to school everyday” – Araya

Ruth Mairs – Classroom Assistant

“I love Miss Mairs so much” – Harlow

Parisha Johnston – Classroom Assistant

“Miss Johnston is a good dancer” – Evie

Michelle Bostock – Classroom Assistant

“Mrs Bostock smiles a lot” – Klay

Primary 2

Julie-Ann Swales – Teacher

“Miss Swales always makes me so happy. She is my best friend” – Maisie

Tara Downey – Classroom Assistant

“I like Mrs Downey playing games with me” – Lucia

Erica Bell – Classroom Assistant

“Miss Bell dances with us outside” – Erin


Catherine O`Kane – Teacher

“She is very nice to us. We do lots of good work” – Bridget

Barbara Mercer – Classroom Assistant

“Mrs Mercer helps us and is nice to us.” – Jacob

Kirsty Brown – Classroom Assistant

“Miss Brown helps us get things” – Tommy-James

Primary 3

Jennifer Campbell – Teacher

“Mrs Campbell is the best teacher and always helps us” – Robyn

Carly Cormack – Classroom Assistant

“I love Carly because she always helps me when I make a mistake” – Jude

Primary 4

Siobhan Scott – Teacher

“Mrs Scott likes arts and crafts and is very funny” – Jessica

Carol Gibson – Classroom Assistant

“Mrs Gibson makes me laugh and is fun to play with” – Zak

Nicola Jackson – Classroom Assistant

” She is very kind and sweet and I love her” – Sophie


Louisa Wilson – Teacher, SENCO and Senior Management Team

“Mrs Wilson is fun to play games with” – Finley

Emma Woods – Classroom Assistant

“I like dancing with Mrs Woods” – Scarlett


Patricia Roberts – Teacher

“Mrs Roberts is the best teacher in the world!” – Rowan

Ruth Lavrijsen – Classroom Assistant

“She helps me with my sounds” – Riley

Jill McCann – Classroom Assistant

“Mrs McCann is the nicest person in the class” – James

Primary 5

Dawn Robinson – Teacher

“She is really pretty and nice” – Clea

Alison Vance – Classroom Assistant

“Mrs Vance always helps us tidy up and write” – Jackson

Primary 6

Ruth Graham – Teacher

“Mrs Graham is kind and helps when we need it. She is a great P6 teacher” – Miley

Sandra Klauer – Classroom Assistant

“She is caring, kind, happy, fun and helpful” – Natalie


Mary Ringland – Teacher and Senior Management Team

“Mrs Ringland is wonderful because she is so kind to me” – Rudi

Linda Chivers – Classroom Assistant

“She is like a star and is beautiful” – Caitlin

Primary 7

Kathy Browes – Teacher, Vice Principal and Senior Management Team

“Her desk is so messy but her teaching is probably the same as a grammar school” – Kyah

Deborah Brush – Classroom Assistant

“Miss Brush always helps when she can. She always helps me when i`m down” – Morgan

People Who Help Us in School

Diane Wright – School Secretary

“Mrs Wright is very organised” – Charlotte

Sarah Mairs – Group Work Teacher

“Miss Mairs is a good singer” – Alesha

Tara Fadaei – SLU2 and 3 Teacher

“She makes me smile” – Niamh

Taylor Milligan – Engage Project Teacher

“Mr Milligan is a good, smart and nice teacher. He makes fun games” – Dara

Catherine Bonner – Speech and Language Therapist

“Mrs Bonner is very kind” – Rudi

Diane Reid – Speech and Language Therapist

“She helps us learn” – Charlie

Laura Kelly – Speech and Language Therapist

“She helps us with speech” – Rowan

Colin Johnston – Caretaker

“Mr Johnston helps around the school” – Adam

Patricia Bowden – Cleaner and School Dinners

“Bowdy makes us the best food in the world and has a secret sweet stash!”Max

Anne Saulters – Cleaner

” Anne has a lovely smile and is good at cleaning” – Lucy

Alanna Mercer – Cleaner

“Alanna is Number 1! She makes the school smell lovely.” – Carson