P1’s Walk the Plank!

Date: May 28, 2014 Author: Siobhan Categories: Previous Years

P1’s Walk the Plank


In P1, between Christmas and Easter, we took it in turns to take Spencer Bear home for the night. We read lots of books; our favourite was Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Our topic is Pirates; we have been doing lots of art such as painting different types of fish, painting lighthouses, crabs and much more to go on our notice board.

Each Wednesday we have a teacher in who teaches us Spanish called Maria, she taught us how to say words like ‘Hello’ (hola)  ‘Goodbye’ (adios) and ‘Good morning’ (Buenos Dias). We have learnt how to say animal names and how to count to 10.

In maths we have been learning how to add and subtract and, in English we have been reading lots of topic books, sounding out and building words.

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