Our staff in Taughmonagh Nursery possess a wealth of knowledge, understanding and skills.

We work together as a team and provide a positive, safe and secure environment for our children.

Mrs Elaine Higginson

Mrs Higginson has been teaching in Taughmonagh for 16 years. She has completed a four year teacher training degree specialising in Early Childhood Studies. She has just completed her Masters in Early Childhood Studies and is currently finishing her post qualification in Leadership Certificate.

Mrs Higginson is the leader of the Nursery team and works very closely with parents and the community, which is a real passion of hers as she firmly believes that parents and teachers must work together to help children fulfil their full potential. She is very approachable and you can contact her with any questions and queries. She will always be that ‘listening ear’. Her main priority in the Nursery is building relationships with Children, Parents, Staff and the Community.

“Mrs Higginson is my friend and really fun”– Harley

Mrs Rebekah Doggart

Mrs Doggart is second in command in the Nursery. She is young, vibrant, fun-loving and extremely gentle. She originally trained as a secondary school teacher however has found her vocation working in the early years. She brings a nurturing influence to the running of the Nursery and knows all of the children.

Mrs Doggart loves investigating with her children and seeing the potential in every child. She is always full of encouragement and praise. She loves including new and innovative resources in her teaching.

“I love Mrs Doggart. She’s so pretty. She’s always gentle and kind”- Florence

Miss Traynor

Miss Traynor is a Classroom Assistant in the Nursery who helps get everything ready at the beginning of the day. She is always willing to help and nothing is too much bother for her. She is brilliant at creating creative activities and noticeboards. Miss Traynor is a highly skilled early years practitioner with years of experience. She knows all children in her class and is a true team player.

Miss Traynor is someone you can absolutely trust and she is always there to comfort children, parents and staff. Miss Traynor will always bring a smile to your face and loves a good giggle in Nursery.

“Miss Traynor is so lovely. She makes you feel better when you are sad.”- Willow

Miss Campbell

Miss Campbell has worked in Taughmonagh Nursery for many years. She likes establishing relationships with the children. She is good at supporting and giving children freedom to find their independence.

Miss Campbell loves singing Nursery Rhymes and is very good at encouraging children to join in with the actions. She continues to develop her understanding and knowledge of early years, and is open to using new strategies and initiatives.

“Miss Campbell reads lovely stories to us” – David

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson lights up the nursery classroom with her lovely smile. She adores engaging with the children and will devote 100% attention to whatever child she is playing with. She enjoys taking part in training courses to keep developing her own professional practice.

Miss Jackson is great at working with children who have additional needs. Her patience, love and kindness are wonderful qualities and her caring nature is evident.

“I love Miss Jackson. She is the best teacher in the world!”- Grace