Life in P2

Date: November 17, 2014 Author: Siobhan Categories: Our Pupils

It has been a busy but fun start to the year in P2. We have all been working hard and trying our best in school.

During September/October our topic was Staying Healthy and Keeping Safe. We learnt about crossing the road safely and even wrote instructions to help everyone stay safe on the road. We got to make fruit smoothies and vegetable soup. Everyone in our class had a different job to help make them! Everyone tried the soup and smoothies but they weren’t to everyone’s taste!

We read the story of the Gruffalo and did lots of activities based on the story. We made masks, listened to Gruffalo descriptions, painted Gruffalo’s for a display but the best bit was definitely making Gruffalo buns!!

We have revisited all our letter sounds before half term and now have started to learn spellings! We have practised them in school and at home and we are doing really well. Everyone got all their spellings right in our first week of spellings!

During November/December our topic is going to be about toys. We have been learning about old and new toys. We have been trying to sort toys and describe them.  We have even set up a toy museum in our classroom to display some older toys! Some of the P2’s have brought some older toys in from their parents. We have enjoyed listening to stories about what toys our mums and dads enjoyed playing with. Last week we had a favourite toy in class. Everyone brought in their favourite toys.  We talked about them, drew pictures of them and we sorted them!  As well as learning about toys from the past we are going to learn about how toys are made and how they move. We will also be learning about Christmas and toys in different parts of the  world.

It has been exciting to begin learning songs for our school nativity. We have nearly learnt all of our songs for the nativity which is called ‘Away in a Manger.’ The children are looking forward to finding out what their part in the nativity will be!