To Infinity and Beyond!

Date: March 13, 2016 Author: Siobhan Categories: Our Pupils, What's Going On, What's New

To Infinity and Beyond

School for SLU1 has been out of this world!  We have been finding out about the planets.  We planned a trip to the moon .We got ready for our trip to the moon by making helmets and seatbelts.  We filled in our passports so we were ready to go. We put on our helmets, space blankets and seatbelts ready for take-off. . “54321 Blast off!”

On the moon, we explored moon sand, space goo,  space slime and bubble-wrap. We came back to Earth with a bump!

It was so good that we invited our Mums and Dads join us for a Space Morning. We have requested to visit Mars for our next trip..…….