[mls_h3]Getting Creative in P2![/mls_h3]

Term 1 was busy in P2.  September was a happy time in P2 getting back to school!

The boys spent a long time making this building.  P2 love building with the big blocks.

Fun in the house corner.

We have enjoyed using the numicon and cuisenaire rods to help with our number work this term.  We also learnt about patterns – we went on a pattern hunt in our school and found lots of patterns.  We are brilliant at designing our own patterns!  In numeracy we also learnt about weight and have practised lots of sorting and focusing on our first term topics of  ‘Staying Healthy and Keeping Safe’ and ‘Toys’

Our topic was ‘Staying Healthy and Keeping Safe’.  We learnt about healthy foods – we really enjoyed making healthy lunch boxes on the computer.  We went on a road safety walk and wrote instructions on how to cross the road safely.  We learned about the five senses and used this when we went for a walk around our school and the tree trail.  Our favourite story this term was the Gruffalo.  We made clay models of the Gruffalo and chocolate Gruffalo buns – yummy!  As it was autumn time we decided to plant some seeds and bulbs – some will flower in the winter and some in the spring.

Our topic this half term was toys- we got to bring our favourite toy into school so we could talk about, write about, sort and paint them- it was great fun!! We had a special visit from a farmer called Lorraine. She brought a bearded dragon, a hedgehog, a snake and turtles to see us. Lots of people in our class got to hold Samantha the snake. Our school nativity this year was called ‘Away in a manger’- the children worked hard to learn the songs and their lines and performed brilliantly. An elf called Buddy visited us in December- we were excited to see the funny things he did each day. We also went to see a special nativity performance called ‘follow the star’- we made Christingles, dressed up in costumes and had lots of fun! It has been a busy term in P2 but are loving learning and spending time with our friends.