Autumn Forest Walk

Date: December 1, 2014 Author: Siobhan Categories: Our Pupils

Our Autumn Forest Walk

Last Monday we went on a sponsored walk.  When we were on the walk we were looking out for conkers and leaves.  Then there was a blackberry bush.  Mrs Ringland and Mrs Roberts were looking for blackberries and we were eating them.  Then we were walking on and we were looking for pine cones and acorns.  We were at a car park and I saw a squirrel running up the tree.  We took a shortcut through the forest and I saw another squirrel climbing on a tree branch.  After that Mrs Roberts was taking a picture by a tree.  We were running up and down by an ivy tree and we had lunch on a hill.  After we finished our lunch we got to play down the hill.  Last of all we were going to Barnett’s Park and we played in it.  Then we went home and we went up a hill that was very steep.

By Andrew